Types of backing

Poly backing

Consists of fibreglass and polyresin which is black in colour and opaque. This is basically used on any panel for decoration purposes and affixed with the help of resin.


This backing is made of a different resin which is clear and transparent in nature. These panels are usually with some backlit light. As they are transparent in colour it can be used as a backlit panel where veins of the stone can be seen.

Fleece backing

This is a slightly improved version of poly backing. A bit more expensive and little more flexible than usual poly backing. Other characteristics are the same as poly backing.


Stoneart is a 100% natural, flexible and light weight revolutionary surface product, which can give any substrate or structure a real natural stone look. It is a  combination of natural product and human intelligence. These veneer sheets are produced from real stone slabs of quarried Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone and Marble slabs into a very thin panel by a chemically extraction process. The back side of the panel has fiberglass and poly resin surface which is adhesive friendly and can be fixed to any type of surface.
Stoneart natural stone veneer panels can be applied over almost any solid substrate which can include- wood, drywall, metal, concrete, plywood, MDF, backet boards, fiberglass, tiles, glass cabinetry and painted surface etc. These veneers can be applied on curved surfaces also. These panels are very easy to install, easy to transport, extremely flexible and eco friendly too. They come in standard size of 610mmx1220mm and 1220mmx2440mm(selective stones only). The sizes can by customized according to individual buyer’s need.