about the product

Thin Outside. Thick Inside

Now, give any structure a rocking look with natural stone art. The combination of fresh characteristics of natural stone and inorganic materials confers pure elegance and sheer beauty out of it. It is made from real stone that is either collected from field-stone or from quarried stone. The stone is cut to a consistent thickness and weight for use as a veneer. The panels are cut in thickness of 1 — 2mm from big stone slabs and then fabricated by pulling a thin layer of stone glued to a composite glass fibre with Polyester resin.

Not only this, it is flexible enough to cast any shape of any corner of the edifice with-out destroying its distinctiveness. This natural, flexible stone series give the architects an extensive scope of making the exteriors or interiors look innovative. Since it is natural, no other texture is same. So, every design looks exclusive and unique in style.