Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer

light weight and flexible
ease of installation
eco friendly


Natural stone provides a timeless, rich, rugged beauty and warmth that no other interior or exterior product can provide. With natural stone, you receive the unique individual shapes, textures, sizes and color qualities that only Mother Nature can create.

Light weight and flexible

It weighs five times less than traditional veneer which makes it easy to handle, transport and install. It is flexible enough to be used on curved surfaces, pillars, furniture, shop fittings, etc.


It is suitable for both exterior and interior applications, with numerous architectural and land-scaping-designing-scopes for its flexibility. Its characteristic of light weight and flexibility also ensures that it
can be used where tiles and cladding are not suitable.


Since it is not a stimulated product, it is colorfast and durable. Chipping and sun damage are not a concern for natural stone. In fact, it can be expected that time and exposure will only enhance its depth and beauty.

Ease of installation

Owing to its flexible character, these thin stone panels can be installed over existing surfaces without any special mechanical fixings or special tools making it all the more perfect for large projects or DIY installations.

Eco friendly

As a result of it being light weight, installation cost and transportation cost of these natural stone veneers are much less than laying natural stone art. Also to mention, if dramatically reduces carbon emission and increases the usage efficiency exponentially. As being thin, it has an added advantage of the saving.